Prevention is better than cure

The subject of prevention and fitness is extremely important. Our professional instruction will provide you with a tailor-made strengthening and exercise programme based on your needs. In addition to targeting specific problem areas, this programme helps you achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeing.



  • Stretching


Research suggests stretching can improve blood flow around the body, improve posture and help increase flexibility and performance. Research also suggests stretching decreases your risk of suffering a musculoskeletal sprain or strain, and can reduce feelings of aches and pains due to the body’s ability to manoeuvre in all directions and withstand most types of sudden activities which can cause harm to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.


  • Strength


There are many reasons why strength is a MUST for all ages and abilities. Strength training increases the cross sectional size of muscle which means it has more potential to generate increased strength and mobility which in turn creates more power. Power can be produced by muscle power and is required in all activities we do whether this is running for a bus or hitting a 300 yard drive in golf. As well as this it increases balance and stability around joints during activities and therefore reduces the risk of injury.


  • Warm Up


Warming up before exercise is vital and it prepares the body both mentally and physically for exercise and reduces the risk of injury. It does this by pumping oxygen and blood around the body into your working muscles and lubricating important joints whilst preparing the body for increased demands of exercise. Cold starts can lead to muscles and joints not being able to withstand shock or impact as well as leaving the body more susceptible to injury and long term problems.


  • Cool Down


Generally overlooked, a cool down from a therapy point of view helps remove waste products produced during activity from your muscles. For example lactic acid may prevent post exercise muscle soreness also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which more commonly tends to occur after doing unfamiliar exercise or activities or by pushing the body harder than it is used to. In connection with this cooling down after activity also reduces the risk of blood pooling in larger muscles which can result to dizzy spells or fainting and helps reduce your heart rate and breathing towards resting levels and gradually placing less stress on the body.